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Our Programs


Our center offers programs for children ranging in age, starting from 14 months to 6 years old. For more information about specific programs, please contact us.


We provide all Toddlers with:

  • A nurturing and relaxed environment with caring adults

  • Opportunities to develop large motor skills and coordination through physically active play

  • Activities to develop an active curiosity about the world in which they live, and enthusiasm for learning

  • Guidance to develop social skills and independence

  • Stimulating activities through music, stories, outdoor play, circle time and free play

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We provide all Pre-Schoolers with:

  • Interactive environments that encourage the children to learn through play.

  • Opportunities to discover their independence and problem solve.

  • Activities and routines that promote Kindergarten readiness.

  • Age appropriate experience that develop social and emotional needs.

  • Monthly lesson plans.

  • Learning centers that encourage music, science, math, language arts, and manipulative play.



Additionally Toddler through Preschool ages (typically twice a year) will participate in parent/teacher conferences with your child’s teacher. 


We will assess how your child is doing  in critical areas of development. We will highlight your child’s accomplishments, and areas for us as a team to work on ( if any.)



Safety & Security

The safety of our students is our highest priority. This is why we have invested in a electronic  access  entry for the building.  Our doors are locked at all times , parents will have a swipe key to enter the building. All unfamiliar visitors must present photo ID, and be on your child's list of authorized  people to pick up your child.


Fire and emergency drills are conducted monthly, to ensure children are well versed in the procedures during an emergency.



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